Speak and Write like The Economist: Говори и пиши как The Eсonomist

Сергей Кузнецов


Фрагмент книги «Speak and Write like The Economist: Говори и пиши как The Eсonomist»

н.э. — наша эра

напр. — например

обыкн. — обыкновенно

оскорбит. — оскорбительное

особ. — особенно

перен. — в переносном значении

ПО — программное обеспечение

преим. — преимущественно

проф. — профессор

син. — синоним

собир. — собирательное

сокр. — сокращение

тж. — также

чего-л. — чего-либо

чем-л. — чем-либо

чему-л. — чему-либо

что-л. — что-либо

чьей-л. — чьей-либо

чью-л. — чью-либо


ch. — chapter

dr. — doctor

esp. — especially

et al. — et alia

etc. — et cetera

Jap. — Japaneese

sen. — senator

smb. — somebody

smth. — something

v. — versus

Часть I

“ Age, health, life, death, soul

Life is like a roll of toilet paper; the closer you get to the end of the roll, the faster it goes.

Until the 20th century the average human lived about as long as a chimpanzee.

Few things are more tragic than the death of a woman in pregnancy or childbirth. An American woman is more likely to be struck by lighthing than to die in childbirth.

Each day 91 Americans die from an opioid overdose.

Who is not a patient?

Defining "conspicuous consumption" as "apparel, watches, jewellery, cars and other socially visible goods", she finds that even though the poor must dedicate much of their income to basic necessities, they devote a higher share of their total spending to conspicuous consumption than the rich do. And the trend is gaining steam. Between 1996 and 2014 the richest 1% fell further behind the national average in the percentage of their spending dedicated to bling. The middle income quintile went the other way: by 2014 they spent 35% more than the average as a percentage of their annual expenditure.

Elephant corpses are centres of attraction for living elephants. They will visit them repeatedly, sniffing them with their trunks and rumbling as they do so. This is a species-specific response; elephants show no interest in the dead of any other type of animal. And they also react to elephant bones, as well as bodies, as Dr Wittemyer has demonstrated. Prompted by the anecdotes of others, and his own observations that an elephant faced with such bones will often respond by scattering them, he laid out fields of bones in the bush. Wild elephants, he found, can distinguish their conspecifics' skeletal remains from those of other species. And they do, indeed, pick them up and fling them into the bush.

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