Reality Transurfing. Steps 1-5

Вадим Зеланд


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Dreams Don’t Come True

The Rustle of the Morning Stars

I was woken by the neighbour’s dog barking. The nasty animal was always waking me up. How I hated it! Why should I have to be woken up by the noise of someone else’s pet? I decided to go out for a walk, calm down and distract myself from the intense desire to set fire to my neighbour’s house. They say dogs are like their owners. This one was. There always seemed to be some idiot in my life trying to get me down. Feeling stressed I started to get dressed. My slippers had disappeared again. Where are you, you sneaky little buggers? When I find you I will chuck you out!

It was foggy and damp outside. I walked along the slippery path through the gloomy forest. Almost all the leaves had fallen, exposing the grey trunks of half-dead trees. Why do I live in the middle of this depressing bog? I reached for a cigarette. I didn’t really want one, but old habits told me I needed one. Need? At what point had I become addicted to cigarettes? It’s not very pleasant smoking in the morning on an empty stomach. I used to be a social smoker. It had been fashionable, a symbol of freedom and style. But the party ends and the grey, drizzle of everyday life sets in, bringing with it problems in patches like slimy puddles. You smoke each problem away several times as if saying to yourself: “I’ll just have this quick smoke, catch my breath and then launch myself back into the dreaded routine.”

The smoke got in my eyes making them sting, so I placed my hands over them for a minute like an upset child. I was so fed up of everything. As if reading my thoughts, a birch branch bent spitefully and hit me hard on the forehead. Bastard! In my outrage I broke the branch in half and threw it to one side. The branch got caught in a tree and bounced from side to side and sprang up and down like a jack in a box as if mocking my inability to change any aspect of my world. Feeling very low I pushed on.

Every time I tried to battle with the world it would at first yield, giving me false hope, only then to come back at me with a hard slap. It’s only in films that the hero sets off towards his goal casting aside anything and everything that stands in the way. In reality, things are a bit different. Life is like a game of roulette. You win once, twice, even three times. You imagine yourself the prize-winner with the world at your feet but always end up with less than you started. You are just the turkey fattened up to be roasted and devoured to the sounds of happy music and laughter. You were fooling yourself. It’s not your lucky day. You made a mistake…

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